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"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
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DH-MLM v3.6.0 (free upgrades)

Add-On 1 - Affiliate email downline
Add-On 2 - Admin email all affiliates
Add-On 3 - Admin customise emails
Add-On 4 - 2checkout integration
Add-On 6 - Clickbank integration
Add-On 9 - Affiliate Ad Tracker
Add-On 10 - Custom RefID
Add-On 11 - Custom start pages
Add-On 12 - Affiliate view downline
Add-On 13 - Affiliate tell a friend
Add-On 14 - Shift Downline
Add-On 16 - Swap member positions
Add-On 17 - View downline genealogy
Add-On 18 - Manually credit upline

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DH-MLM Software

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Xup Software Description

Price: $397.00

+ receive all current and
future add-ons
at no cost

Real-time commission tracking.

Real-time geneaology (downline) reporting.

Real-time compensation plan changes.

Real-time banner and text advertising management

Our latest addition to DH Softwares is the Xup software. This software allows you to set the number of members to be passed to the referrers upline. X can be set to any value at all. If it is set to 1, it becomes a 1-up software This means that all members will send their first referrlas to their sponsor.

This is a new concept and also a great way to grow your member base as members will be doubly rewarded for sacrificing 1 member to their sponsor.

After passing that 1 member to their sponsor, members can start earning from any other members that they refer. These members will then also have to do the same as you did. They have to pass their first referrals up to you.

This means that by getting 20 referrals below you, you are in affect getting 40 referrals when each of the 20 members passes their first referral up to you. What's more, the 20 referrals that the initial 20 pass up to you will also have to pass their first referral up to you, and so on to infinity!

If you set X to 2, then the software becomes a 2-up software. This means that members first 2 referrals are sent to their sponsor.

Again, this is a new concept and should prove fruitful for MLM companies.

The price of our Xup software will also include all current and future add-ons as listed on the left.

To order, please click here.

The demo is exactly the same as the DH-MLM demo except that there is an additional field in the admin area to set the value for X. Set it to 1 to make it a 1up, set it to 2 to make it a 2up, etc.

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