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"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
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DH-MLM v3.6.0 (free upgrades)

Add-On 1 - Affiliate email downline
Add-On 2 - Admin email all affiliates
Add-On 3 - Admin customise emails
Add-On 4 - 2checkout integration
Add-On 6 - Clickbank integration
Add-On 9 - Affiliate Ad Tracker
Add-On 10 - Custom RefID
Add-On 11 - Custom start pages
Add-On 12 - Affiliate view downline
Add-On 13 - Affiliate tell a friend
Add-On 14 - Shift Downline
Add-On 16 - Swap member positions
Add-On 17 - View downline genealogy
Add-On 18 - Manually credit upline

DH Forced Matrix
Aussie (1up, 2up, Xup) Software

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DH-MLM is our primary product and we have developed a variety of add-ons to increase the functionality of DH-MLM. In addition to DH-MLM, we also have our popular forced matrix software and our recently released X-up software. If you would like more information on our X-up software, please drop us an email.

Price: $197.00
(without support)

Price: $377.00
(unlimited support)

+ receive all current and
future add-ons
at no cost

Real-time commission tracking.

Real-time geneaology (downline) reporting.

Real-time compensation plan changes.

Real-time banner and text advertising management

DH-MLM v3.6.0 Features List
Manage affiliates up to 9 levels deep.
Set payment amounts at each of these levels in either a flat rate amount or as a percentage of the item price.
Make recurring payments to affiliates as long as they remain a subscriber to your service (either weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually). Cancel at any time they leave. Perfect for companies who wish to pay affiliates periodically for subscription based income. New: Ability to set different pay period for each item.
Retrieve refunds from affiliates who have already received a payment for referring a customer. This feature is included in case the customer has requested a refund from you for any reason.
Optional cooling off period to allow time before affiliates accounts are credited (ideal if you have a money back guarantee and do not want to make payments to the referring affiliate during this time). Also a fraud prevention measure that only credits affiliates a set number of days after a payment is received.
Cancel payments to affiliates while they are still in the cooling off period. You can cancel the payments to the referring affiliate if you believe that the order is fraudulent.
Automatically generated yet fully customizable affiliate FAQ pages. This page can further be customized to add more FAQs.
Fully customizable header and footer. Place your own logo and links on each of the affiliate control panel pages.
Customize automated emails sent to affiliates and customers. These autoresponders will let the affiliates and/or customers know what steps need to be taken next, automatically. No manual intervention necessary.
Ability to set cookie expiry days so affiliates will still get credit for the sale even if the customer decides to sign up at a later date. Perfect for potential customers who need to sleep on it before making a purchase. A point worth noting when recruiting affiliates.
Sort list of affiliates by activity, sales, name or id. See which one of your affiliates are generating traffic and sales.
Customize the title of your affiliate pages and the affiliate control panels to better your rankings in search engines.
Manual entry feature to manually enter signups and credit the upline as though they signed up for themselves.
Administrative control panel to manage all affiliates and set preferences for DH-MLM.
Affiliate control panel to track statistics and modify contact information. Extremely easy to use for anyone at all.
Increased security for control panels
Use of sessions for control panel logins
Increased affiliate search functionality

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