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"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
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DH-MLM v3.6.0 (free upgrades)
Add-On 1 - Affiliate email downline
Add-On 2 - Admin email all affiliates
Add-On 3 - Admin customize emails
Add-On 4 - 2checkout integration
Add-On 6 - Clickbank integration
Add-On 9 - Affiliate Ad Tracker
Add-On 10 - Custom RefID
Add-On 11 - Custom start pages
Add-On 12 - Affiliate view downline
Add-On 13 - Affiliate tell a friend
Add-On 14 - Shift Downline
Add-On 16 - Swap member positions
Add-On 17 - View downline genealogy
Add-On 18 - Manually credit upline
Add-On 19 - Stormpay integration

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DH-MLM is our primary product and we have developed a variety of add-ons to increase the functionality of DH-MLM.

Directly integrate DH-MLM with Clickbank.

DH-MLM Add-On Features List

Add-On 6 - Clickbank integration

If you wish to have the same receipt numbers in clickbank as you have in DH-MLM, then this is the perfect add-on. It will save you a lot of time when it comes to refunds as you can easily retrieve the receipt numbers from the DH-MLM database.

Note that if you use this add-on, you will be unable to use the paypal add-on. The reason for this is because clickbank receipt numbers are purely alphanumeric and paypal receipt numbers are generated by DH-MLM.

This add-on also keeps payments to affiliates transparent to the customer if payment is made via Clickbank.

Easy to install - just copy the extracted files into the admin directory and over-write all existing files. And make sure you run the enclosed sql file in the database. Please read the readme file before proceeding.


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