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"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
"Multi level affiliate management made easy"
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We are constantly looking for contributors to the site. If you have any PHP or ASP scripts that you believe is useful and worth selling, make sure you contact us.

We will go through it and if we list it on our site, we will send you royalties for every copy of your scripts that sell. The script will remain yours.

or if you have a project for us involving the use of PHP or ASP, let us know about it also. We can guarantee a competitive price for quality programs.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you are unsure of. Below is a list of our departments that you should be aware of. Please email the appropriate department to ensure a prompt reply.

We also recommend that you search our forums as we may have already responded to your queries.

Sales/General Info
Pre-sales queries regarding DH-MLM should be addressed in the forums or emailed to us here.

Support/Customer Service
We ask that you check the forums prior to emailing support as your queries may already have been answered.

Bug Report
If you believe you have found a bug in DH-MLM, please let us know about it so we can release a patch asap.

Any queries and suggestions directly related to the marketing of DH Softwares is always welcome.

Looking for a position as a scripter? Show us a sample of your scripts and we'll let you know if a position comes up.

Please use the below form to contact us:

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