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DH Softwares MLM Software News Welcome to DH Softwares MLM and Affiliate Software

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DH-MLM Add-on 19 released

DH-MLM Add-on 18 released
Manual debit/credit upline

Forced Matrix Software v3.6.0 Released
DH-MLM Software v3.6.0 Released

DH-MLM Add-on 17 released
View downline genealogy

Bug fix in affiliate removal process for Forced Matrix Software

Forced Matrix v3.5.2 Released
DH-MLM Software v3.5.2 Released

DH-MLM Add-on 16 released
Swap member positions
Requires DH-MLM v3.5.0+

DH-MLM Add-on 14 released
Shift Downline
Requires DH-MLM v3.4.4+

Forums back online

Forced Matrix Software launched

DH-MLM Add-on 12 released
Affiliate View Downline
Requires DH-MLM v3.4.4+

DH-MLM Add-on 6 released
Clickbank Integration
Requires DH-MLM v3.4.4+

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Welcome to DH Softwares! DH-MLM is the first multi-level affiliate management script of it's kind offering repeated payments to affiliates (made for subscription based income). However all companies can take advantage of the services of DH-MLM.

DH-MLM mlm software

DH-MLM manages 9 levels of affiliates linking to your website including once-off and recurring payments/refunds + automatically generated affiliate FAQ pages.
more info | faq | demo | order

DH-MLM Add-ons

Add-ons increase the functionality, convenience and customizability of DH-MLM including integration with major credit card providers. We now have a total of 16 addons.
more info | demo | order

Fixed Matrix Software

The Forced Matrix Software limits the width of the matrix. This encourages signups at a much greater pace and allows members to help each other build their downlines.
more info | description | demo | order

Easy to use
Proof of the simplicity of DH-MLM lies with the evidence that our clients have their unique compensation plans up and running within the hour! DH-MLM is a superior web-based MLM application with many functional add-ons that tracks, monitors and manages affiliates in real time.

Power and Flexibility
DH-MLM has been proven to run on web sites with affiliates numbering in the tens of thousands without a problem. It also allows administrators and affiliates alike to instantly view their statistics and the formation of their downline in real-time. DH-MLM is highly scalable, extremely powerful and very flexible to your needs.

Here at DH Softwares, we are also committed to providing the best of customer service. If you have a question or a problem, we will not rest until it is solved to your satisfaction. To contact us about this, please click here or visit our forums and we will get back to you sooner.


  • Free Installation
  • 24/7 support via email
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Web hosting for $15 per month (click here for more details)

User comments / testimonials:

"Thank you so much. I am so impressed with how responsive your company is to my every request. It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you."
-- Sabrina

"I just want to say that the level of service and support with DH Softwares is the BEST ! I was very impressed with the speed and accuracy you exhibited. It is rare to find that once a company has your money. Again, My hat is off to you !!"
-- Mike

"I must tell you that I am extremely pleased with your script. I have tried
many other scripts but none are as easy to assemble as yours was."

-- Anna

"I'm willing to say that response time was phenomenal."
-- Charlie

"Well, I purchased DH-MLM. Installation was a breeze!"
"Great product you have!!!"
-- Vito

"Thanks very much. I must say, don't ever change your excellent customer service!"
-- Bryan

"You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for your excellent support!"
-- Paul

"The products I have received have been top quality and the service is unmatched by any other software company. I feel DH Softwares represents Professional, Honest, Efficient, and Reliability."
-- John

"WOW! I continue to take my hat off to you guys at the speed to which you get things done ."
-- Ray

"You guys are simply GREAT!"
-- Hosam

"Dude, you are nothing short of totally amazing!!!
If we could just get everyone on the internet to do business in the honest
and ethical way you do, it would be a completely different world!!!
-- Greg

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